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Swami Sankarananda Studentís Home

A studentís hostel was attached to the Boyís High school on 26.06.1939 to provide educational facilities to students of outlaying areas of the State. For long, the Hostel did not have a Home of its own. In 1984, the Hostel was shifted to its new Home, put up at the new Ashrama Complex of the Mission at Hanumanthaputheri at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs. All the boys are looked after by the monastic members of the Mission. In the year 2000, hostel was abolished and an orphanage was started. At present we have 102 orphan boys from VI std to XII std.

The total expenditure per boy is about Rs. 20,000/= per year which includes educational, establishment, clothing, medical, food and other miscellaneous expenses. The total annual expense for this orphanage is Rs. 20 lakhs,

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