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Educational Service

Boys Higher Secondary School:
In response to public demand, the Management upgraded the Vidyalaya into a Higher Secondary School in June 1990. The school has since been imparting ideal education to Children in a disciplined and serene academic atmosphere, and has been consistently producing high percentage of results year after year ranging from 95% to 100%. The Higher Secondary School has now a strength of 2827 students with 52 sections and 66 members on the teaching staff. .Hr .Sec. Exam result is 88% and SSLC result is 85 %.

The Literary and Cultural associations have been quite active. In Sports too, our pupils participated in many matches at local and district levels and have won a few.

Girls Higher Secondary School:
The Girls Higher Secondary School was started in June 1950 with 123 girls. The School has now a strength of 1322 students, 26 sections and 35 members on the teaching staff. Like the Boys Hr. Sec. School the Girls Hr. Sec. School too has been maintaining uniformly high percentage of passes every year. S.S.L.C Exam result was 96% and the Hr. Sec. Exam result was 94%.

The Primary School:
The Primary School, started in 1947 with 25 children, mainly caters to the needs o the poor and backward classes of the locality, The School has now on its roll 599 children. The children are encouraged to take active part in sports, cultural and literary activities.

Matriculation School:
In response to the public demand a kindergarten school was started in 1980. The School has now 1266 children on the roll form L.K.G to Std. VII in its English and Tamil sections. The children participate in all the extra curricular activities like games, sports and cultural items like drama, competitions etc.

Swami Sankarananda Students Home
A Students hostel was attached to the Boys High School on 26.6.1939 to provide educational facilities to the students of outlaying areas of the State. For long, the Hostel did not have a building of its own. In 1984, the hostel was shifted to its new building, put up at the new Ashrama complex of the Mission at Hanumanthaputheri at a cost of nearly Rs 30 Lakhs. All the boys are looked after by the monastic members of thye Mission. In the year 2000, hostel was abolished and an orphanage was started. At present we have 100 students.

Sunday Religious School:
A Sunday religious school was opened in 1983 to impart knowledge to young children on the ancient lores of their own religion. The school is open to all children from 6 to 12 years of age. Bhajans, Prayers, Meditation, Yogasanas and study of Sanskrit and of the cardinal tenets of various religions of the world constitute the routine of the school. Efforts are made to inculcate in the young minds a high sense of integrity, honesty and rectitude. While imparting love for one’s own religion and country, care is taken to see that the children imbibe respect towards other religions as well.

In commemoration of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda the mission started on 29th July 1988 ( Guru Poornima day) an evening class for slum children. An average of 250 children regularly attend the school. In addition to the coaching the children are provided with nutritious food, Uniforms and Medical treatment etc.

Regular Pooja in the temple, Bhajan, Aaarthi in the evening, Ram Nam Sangeerthanam on Ekadhasi days, celebration of Birth Anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna, Shri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other Prophets are organised. In addition to regular classes for hostel boys and devotees the Swamiji also gave occasional lectures in and outside the state.

A Health Care centre was started on 30.12.88, the Birth Anniversary of the Holy Mother to cater the health needs of the general public in and around Hanumanthaputheri in the dispensary building.

Shri Sarada Kala Nikhetan was started on 5.7.86 mainly for the benefits of boys and girls studying in the Ramakrishna Mission schools. Fine Arts, languages and crafts are being taught to all children.

A Library cum reading room was declared open on 1.5.95 in the first floor of the dispensary building. At present the library is being utilised by the monastic members only.

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